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Welcome to Tour Europe!

Greetings, fellow travellers! I'm Nicholas, and it gives me immense pleasure to introduce you to Tour Europe. The travel bug has certainly sunk its teeth into me, and my role as a product manager for one of Europe's leading tour operators has whisked me away on numerous escapades throughout Spain, Greece, Portugal, and Turkey.

My insatiable wanderlust and deep-seated passion for immersing myself in diverse cultures were the driving forces behind the birth of Tour Europe. My mission? To share the thrill of these odysseys with kindred spirits like yourselves while crafting a virtual scrapbook for my own reminiscences.

Here's the lowdown: I divulge the juicy details about European travel destinations I've personally explored, whether it's been for business or simply a yearning for adventure. This means you're in for an authentic experience, complete with genuine local insights that you won't stumble upon in those humdrum travel guides.

What can you expect from me? Unwavering accuracy, profound expertise, and content as invigorating as a gentle summer breeze. From the very beginning, Tour Europe has been unwavering in its commitment to offer the most up-to-date and reliable information. As this website continues to evolve, you can trust that this dedication will always be at its core.

In my role as a product manager at one of Europe's premier tour operators, I'm fortunate to have the privilege of visiting an extensive array of hotels. The ones you'll find recommended on this website are not just your run-of-the-mill accommodations; they are the gems that etched an indelible mark in my memory at the time I penned their respective articles.

I exclusively write about establishments that epitomise the "Tour Europe Quality" standard in every conceivable way. What does that entail, you ask? Allow me to break it down for you:

High Recommendation Rate: Each hotel boasts a commendation rate of at least 90%, indicative of its outstanding quality and service.

Diverse Guest Base: A minimum of 60% Western European and local patrons ensure a culturally rich and welcoming atmosphere.

Family-Friendly: Childcare services and reception staff fluent in English guarantee a seamless experience for families.

Impeccable Hygiene: Stringent hygiene standards are non-negotiable, with certifications such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as par for the course.

Safety at the Forefront: Expect nothing less than guaranteed pool and beach supervision during authorised swimming hours.

Culinary Delights: Savour delectable meals at one or more à la carte restaurants, in addition to a diet buffet catering to various tastes.

Connectivity: Stay seamlessly connected with complimentary WiFi in the hotel lobby, ensuring you're never far from the digital world.

In a nutshell, I'm here to curate an extraordinary travel experience for you, selecting only the crème de la crème of hotels that meet my stringent criteria. These are the places that make your journey unforgettable, and I can't wait to share them with you.

So, whether you're a seasoned globetrotter or just dipping your toes into the realm of travel, I stand ready to be your trusted guide. Let us embark on unforgettable journeys together!

Join my Facebook community and share your escapades using the hashtag #toureurope. I eagerly anticipate hearing about your adventures in one of these enchanting European destinations. Wishing you safe and splendid travels!