Inexpensive holiday destinations

Inexpensive holiday destinations

Inexpensive Holiday Destinations: Explore affordable travel options that offer memorable experiences without breaking the bank.

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Looking for an affordable getaway with your loved ones? No need to break the bank for a memorable vacation in Europe. Skip the typical tourist destinations in Spain, Greece, and Italy and explore the budget-friendly options. Bulgaria and Hungary offer great value for money and are rising in popularity. For a truly unique experience, consider hidden gems like Romania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, or Slovenia. Don’t let a tight budget hold you back from creating new travel memories. Check out these insider tips and be inspired for your next low-cost vacation.


Bulgaria has re-emerged as a top budget-friendly holiday destination. Sunny Beach, located on the Black Sea, is a favourite spot for cheap beach vacations, boasting an eight-kilometre-long and up to 100-meter-wide sandy shore. Perfect for a family beach vacation or a party trip with friends, Sunny Beach is widely recognized as Bulgaria’s most important travel destination, with a unique nightlife complete with numerous clubs and bars. But there’s so much more to Bulgaria than just Sunny Beach and partying. Choose from hiking in unspoiled natural landscapes or exploring historical sites like Rila Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site near Sofia, the country’s capital. Sofia’s architecture reflects a history of change from principality to tsardom and the People’s Republic following World War II. Enjoy Sofia’s vast museums, parks, restaurants, and bars, such as the highly recommended Rakia Raketa Bar, for a taste of modern Bulgarian cuisine at unbeatable prices. Plan your trip from April to September for the best weather.


Discover Croatia as your next affordable holiday destination! Although it’s no longer a hidden gem, you’ll still find great value for your money. Plus, Croatia is perfect for families. The country is easy to reach by car or plane from the UK. Of course, the Croatian islands are a paradise for beach-goers, including Krk, Rab, and Pag. But, if you want to mix culture and beaches, Dubrovnik, Zadar, and Split offer beautiful old towns and long histories. Have a nature craving? The Plitvice Lakes are a must-see destination for their stunning scenery. Don’t miss out on Croatia! The best time to visit is from May to September.


Looking for an affordable city break in Europe? Look no further than Budapest! Renowned for its stunning sights and accessible from the UK by both plane and train, Budapest is a top choice for budget-friendly travel. But the savings don’t stop there – venture outside the city to Lake Balaton and discover a wealth of inexpensive accommodations and family-friendly activities. And with plenty of sunshine from May to September, it’s the perfect time to plan your Hungarian getaway. Whether you prefer the north bank’s Keszthely, the south’s Siófok, or the northeast’s Balatonfüred, you’ll find plenty of paid bathing areas to comfortably enjoy the water. So grab your luggage and start your Hungarian adventure today!


Looking for an affordable vacation option that offers both city breaks and beach vacations? Look no further than Poland! Two of its cities, Warsaw and Kraków, offer picturesque old towns and low prices, making them ideal choices for anyone looking for a cheap city trip. But don’t stop there – Poland also offers great wellness vacations on the Baltic Sea, which is significantly cheaper than similar options in the UK. In fact, the Polish Baltic Sea is perfect for a beach getaway, too and is a great bargain compared to its UK counterparts. Plan your visit between May and September for the best weather. Don’t miss out on all that Poland has to offer!


Looking for the perfect beach destination for your next holiday? Look no further than Turkey’s stunning Riviera and Aegean regions! These areas boast truly picturesque beaches with fine, sandy shores and crystal-clear waters perfect for a refreshing swim. But Turkey offers more than just beautiful beaches – historical sights and excursions abound, including the famous Blue Mosque in Istanbul and the impressive ruins of Pergamon. And with all-inclusive resorts aplenty, you can take advantage of affordable deals for a vacation you’ll never forget. Don’t miss out – plan your trip to Turkey between April and October for the best weather!


Get ready to be pleasantly surprised because Portugal offers more than just luxurious destinations. The country is filled with cheap vacation spots that will provide you with a bargain vacation on the Atlantic coastline! And it’s not just budget-friendly but a haven for surfers as well.  Take the Algarve region, for example – it has numerous beaches ideal for surfing and is famous for this very reason. And with prices that won’t break the bank, you can hit the waves all day long! But the deals don’t end there; if a city break is more your thing, the Portuguese capital of Lisbon is an enchanting and inexpensive holiday escape. Stroll through the narrow streets of Alfama, visit the impressive Castle of Lisbon and gaze out at stunning views over the city from numerous free viewpoints. If Lisbon is a bit of a stretch, the delightful yet picturesque port city of Porto offers a beautiful alternative. You can reach it much faster than Lisbon too! To make the most out of your thrifty trip to Portugal, remember to be flexible when travelling, avoid the popular holidays and book in good time. And when is the best time to visit Portugal? From April to October! So, pack your bags, grab your surfboard and get ready for an unforgettable and affordable holiday!


Discover an underrated gem for your next vacation! Bosnia-Herzegovina is a picturesque travel destination with stunning mountain landscapes, medieval castle ruins, and charming towns. Best of all, it’s an affordable holiday spot that’s still off the beaten path. Tour Sarajevo, Mostar, or Neum on the Adriatic coast—popular destinations that won’t break the bank. Take a walk through history at the Latin Bridge, infamous for the assassination attempt on Franz Ferdinand that sparked World War I. But be sure to stick to guided paths—landmines from the Bosnian War still pose a risk in some areas. Visit between May and September for the best weather. Come explore Bosnia-Herzegovina and see why it’s a travel destination worth seeing!


Discover Romania’s Natural Treasures, Unique Landscapes & Vibrant Culture Beyond the Count Dracula Myth. From the magnificent Bran Castle, serving as an inspiration for Bram Stoker’s famous novel, to the Moldau Monasteries with their colourful frescoes, the Romanian cities and sights are truly unique. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Bucharest, known as the “Paris of the East,” and see the Palace of the Parliament. Travel the country in a rental car along the stunning Transgarasch High Road or the Transalpina Panorama Road to see breathtaking scenery, such as the Iron Gates Nature Park or the mud volcanoes near Berca. Plan your trip between May to September for the best experience!


Discover Slovenia, a hidden gem in Eastern Europe that offers more than just a motorway to Croatia. This small country is brimming with diverse landscapes, from the stunning sandy beaches of the Adriatic coast to the hilly landscapes and peaks of the Julian Alps. Don’t miss the world-famous Postojna Caves, home to a unique world of stalactites, or the historic Lipica Stud, founded in 1580. Take the opportunity to explore the capital city of Ljubljana and its varied architecture. For those seeking relaxation, Slovenia is also home to numerous thermal springs, making it the perfect destination for a wellness holiday that won’t break the bank. Visit between April and September to experience the best of Slovenia.

Czech Republic

Experience Prague’s Charm and More in the Czech Republic: Affordable City Breaks, Hiking, and Skiing Adventures Await!

Discover the marvellous sights of Prague, including Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, and St. Vitus Cathedral in the Castle District, at prices that won’t break the bank! But that’s not all – you shouldn’t miss Brno and Pilsen, both of which are top destinations for art and culture lovers. Plus, the Czech Republic offers much more than just affordable city breaks. Explore the great outdoors with hiking tours in Bohemian Switzerland National Park and the Giant Mountains, enjoying its beautiful natural landscapes along the way. And, if you’re keen to hit the slopes, the Czech Republic offers an excellent and inexpensive ski holiday alternative. Why not head to the Giant Mountains near the highest Czech mountain, Sněžka? Make the most of the favourable travel period from April to September, and book your adventure today!

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